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  • Are you able to do group trips?
    Yes! Here are at hustle trout we can accommodate your group! Whether its a float trip in a drift boat or raft, walk and wade, or backcountry adventure, call us to inquire!
  • Do you offer lodging with your trip packages
    Yes! We have done it in the past for guests are currently working on adding this feature to our guided trip packages. If you dont see it on the website, please inquire!
  • Do you offer trips on the Bow River?
    We sure do! Many of our trips are geared towards central Alberta where the crowds are few but the Bow river is a special watershed and we are very proud to be able to take guests fishing on her.
  • Do you charge a premium for flies during our trip with you?
    Not a chance! All flies, rods and tackle as well as any waders and boots are fully supplied and included in our price.
  • What do we need to bring?
    Check out our gear guide on the homepage for all your needs!
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