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Outfitter/Head Guide:
Jordan Poggenpohl
Instagram: Hustletrout

Hustle Trout's head guide and captain. Jordan is born and raised in this beautiful province and has spent the last 20 years scouring the east slopes of Alberta, learning its secrets, getting to know, and falling in love with the waters within. Whether it's in a drift boat, inflatable raft, or on foot Jordan loves to get out and explore!


Coming from a construction and oil field based background Jordan knows and understands the meanings of hard work, dedication and safety and it shows in the work and efforts he puts into Hustle Trout. When he mixes these core values and beliefs with his love of fly fishing and the outdoors you can always bet on having a fun filled day of learning and adventure while out with him. 

A loving husband and father of two boys (future team Hustle Trout) Jordan believes deeply in spreading the love of fly fishing and the outdoors to all around him in a safe and non destructive or invasive manner. He believes deeply in conservation and giving back to the amazing places we all enjoy spending time in and hopes to increase the amount he is able to do as time goes on. 

The guides and crew at Hustle Trout are extremely proud of Jordan and are proud to be a part of not only the excellent team he has put together, but Hustle Trout's journey as it continues to grow. 

Barret Sturgeon
Instagram: theflycrusader


Meet Barret! He is Hustle Trout's fly fishing encyclopedia. His knowledge on the history of fly fishing and the all the legends who have shaped the sport into what it is today is second to none! With a calm demeanor, a heavy interest in reading, and an inquisitive mind, a day on the water with Barret is sure to be filled with great conversation. 

Barret has a background working and training animals from elephants, large cats, bears, and wolves, just to name a few of the many species! Just don't ask him about his experiences with turkey vultures! Barret is working hard to become a fisheries biologist, something at Hustle Trout we are all very proud of. We all know we need more people with a fishing background and passion to look after our finned friends' futures and to keep our fisheries thriving!

Barret is no slouch when it comes to reading water and finding fish. He is tactical and technical, just ask him about mousing for brown trout at night- just don't ask him where!

Robert Merkley
Instagram: the.wild.minnow


Say Hello to Rob, "Merkley", or "Merk" as we call him! Rob is known for being an extremely "fishy" fellow. This means that once Rob is on the water, chances are that fish in the net are not far behind. Being short on a couple flies or indicators is not a problem as long as we give Rob a heads up, as he is  pretty much a walking fly shop on his own with all the flies and tackle he keeps at home! Local to central Alberta, Rob is very acquainted with the waters within this area. 

Being a Family man with a wife and two daughters, Rob is an inspiration to men looking to get their wife and kids in the great outdoors with a rod in hand. Just be careful as his ladies might out fish you! If you have questions about fishing with kids, pick Robs brain and I'm sure he'll tell you the secret, because from what we have seen, he makes it look easy!

Rob is a red seal chef by trade, has worked for years in the oil and gas industry, and currently hustles for Red Bull Canada. He still uses his boss like chef skills and makes a mean riverside meal, such as his acclaimed riverside tacos! That, paired with an easy going attitude and the pure joy he shows when he sees people catching fish make him a pleasure to be with on the water!

Wrangler/"Pack Mule":
Justin Harrer
Instagram:  justinjames_007


Everyone, this is Justin! One of the more kind hearted folks you will probably ever have the pleasure of meeting! He has played a huge factor in the steps that lead Hustle Trout to where it is today! Justin is a life long friend and fishing buddy of Jordan's. Together, they have spent over a decade exploring the trout waters of Alberta and British Columbia. He is also not shy to sharing his experiences with Jordan in the early stages of Hustle Trout! There are some good campfire stories that Jordan wont tell but Justin sure will! 

Justin is your all around "handy man" who's got ideas and experience with many fixes. Whether its a field repair, a snapped fly rod, some type of engine rebuild in his garage, or emergency life lines on scrambles to/from rivers, Justin can pretty much do it all. Justin is always the first one to have the bear spray holstered where it should be, or have the Afterbite out post bee sting! He is as prepared as it gets and someone you want by your side when playing in the outdoors. Oh and by the way- this gent can also catch fish!

You will see Justin on our multi day trips or on extreme backcountry trips. He will be there as an extra person on the oars of a raft, an extra backpack, a helping hand with safety precautions, river knowledge, bushcraft navigation, additional gear hauling, as well as camp set up and tear down.

Wrangler/"Pack Mule":
Mathew Poggenpohl
Instagram: huddledcarpet


This is Jordan's younger, less ginger brother Mathew! While not as an experienced fly angler, Mat still loves the sport and gets joy out of being on the oars of a raft traveling safely down river- something he's pretty darn good at it! Boney water, aggressive little rapids and tight corners are no match for him!

With a lifetime of hunting, camping and fishing under his belt, he is no slouch in anything to do with being outdoors. Being behind the oars, a bow, shotgun or rifle are Mats strong points, and he also he does a really nice poached egg breakfast with his Biolite and MSR camp stove. 

Being an aircraft mechanical engineer, Mat can fix just about anything and his attention to detail is second to none. A wealth of knowledge in many topics (maybe a bit of a nerd), Mathew is awesome to have around a campfire telling stories or keeping conversation going!

As with Justin, you will see Mat on our multi day trips or on extreme backcountry trips. He will be there as an extra person on the oars of a raft, an extra backpack, a helping hand with safety precautions, river knowledge, bushcraft navigation, additional gear hauling, as well as camp set up and tear down.

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