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Tired of the grind? Let's get you out of the office or away from the job site, step into some waders, and go fishing on some of the most pristine waters Alberta and western Canada has to offer. Hustle Trout Fly Fishing is here to create an experience you won't forget! Whether you're looking for a relaxing day in the drift boat on the Bow River, a world renowned blue-ribbon trout stream; a hard days trek through dense willow and brush to hunt for elusive brown trout, or scaling a 100ft inclines on loose shale banks into untouched clear mountain pools filled with eager cutthroat and bull trout, just to name a few. We offer a wide variety of packages to suit your needs!


We are an Alberta-based outfit that specializes in fly fishing.  Our head guide Jordan was born and raised in this beautiful province and has spent the last 20 years scouring the east slopes of Alberta learning its secrets getting to know and develop a passion for the waters within. 


Coming from blue-collared backgrounds, the value of hard work has been seared into the very essence of Hustle Trout Fly Fishing Adventures. That coupled with an upbringing in the outdoors, we work hard day in and out to make sure we are able to give our guests the experience of a lifetime while giving mother nature the respect she deserves. 

Alberta has some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, paired with some of the most unpredictable weather. This is why we offer a wide range of trips, allowing us to work with or around the weather in most cases to make sure we achieve the best day possible.

If you come along for an adventure with us there is no doubt that we will be putting you into our most "fishy spots". We also take pride in that it's not just about fishing to us. Our adventures are designed to get you outdoors while having fun and learning about watersheds and biodiversity; while also soaking in the scenery and educating you on the ins and outs on the sport of fly fishing. These experiences are just as important to us as the fish we catch. 


All in all, we are a team of hardworking, respectful people who have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything fly fishing and the outdoors. If that entices you then please take a look at our packages or simply contact us, we love to chat about what we offer!

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Tel: 1-780-805-4597

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